Top 15 Weirdest Restaurant In The World Where You Can Have A Unique Dining Experiences

The Cemetery restaurant

The cemetery is a place to bury the dead man and the grave is usually always synonymous with mystical things creepy cemetery but in India no longer scary and creepy because in the grave turned into a fun and unique restaurants that surrounded the cemetery graves of people who have died of. As reported Oddity Central, a man in India set up a restaurant on the ground cemetery. Interestingly, the owner does not move the graves. Instead, it just makes it one of the ornaments. Located in Ahmadad, India, a unique restaurant is called New Lucky. Restaurant with a menu mainstay milk tea has a number of graves bright green color on the sidelines seat buyers. The visitors claimed not bothered enjoy looking at graves. They take it as a room decoration and waiters expertly through while carrying a tray of tea in hand. Krishan Kutti Nair, the owner, thinks this creepy good location for business. Krishan tombs themselves are not aware of anyone in the restaurant. But local historians call the final resting place became a Sufi along with his family from the 16th century.


The Idea is when some of our sense is lost others become higher, so eating in the dark make you more focus o the taste, smell and flavor… The experience is all about the food. to get to the table you’ll probably be guided by¬†waiters who are theme self-blind but capable to get around in the dark.






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