Top 15 Weirdest Restaurant In The World Where You Can Have A Unique Dining Experiences

Most of us eat in a restaurant just because we are lazy or that fast-food is way better than the one we made at home. In this article, you will be amazed by how and where some restaurant serves and cook their food, so keep reading.

In this unique restaurant’s people come for the food but stay for the atmosphere.because it’s not only about the delicious food they server but it’s also about the culture and tradition that provide a special meaning to this unique experience.


Eating from the half height of Big Ben sound like an unforgettable experience.

More like a mobile restaurant in BELGIUM where the food is served well you are sitting on a “dining chair” 150 feet above the ground. People around the world target this place to have a fancy dinner, meeting or celebrate marriage with dinner in the sky.  this concept starts being more and more popular, now you can have this same experience in over 45 countries around the world.


Undersea Restaurant In Maldives

Watch the fish while they watch you eating fish

For the sea lover, our Undersea Restaurant is the best bet. Anyone looking for gourmet meals while 16 feet below the sea level? the food served undersea is a fusion of Asian and Western cuisines.

image source: hurawalhi







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