8 REASONS WHY You Don’t Need A Boyfriend This SUMMER

Ladies and without including gentlemen my friend Emily Brock up with her boyfriend early this summer and that was after she took time to plan for both of them multiple activities for the summer. But now she feels depressed and lonely she even doesn’t wanna talk to me anymore, and for that specific reason, I’m writing this article today.

the DJ is hot:


the DJ is 100% way better than your boyfriend or your ex so smatch it. ( yes boys your girlfriend would  leave you for a DJ)


you don’t need a boyfriend, you need a beer:


honestly, a good beer is easy to find, a good guy is not.

the first reason why I prefer beer over my boyfriend: A beer is mine, mine alone 🙂

Beer isn’t ditching me to hang out with other beer. Beer is there for me and always follows through.

Beer isn’t confusing.




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